Best iPhone 12/12 Pro Screen Protector In 2020

One of the toughest decisions we have to make in life to finding the right match. Especially when it comes to your precious---

yes, your iPhone!

How do we find the screen protector that matches your iPhone perfectly?

Choice 1: Corning gorilla glass

Many of you probably heard of Corning gorilla glass if you follow the tech news. iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi all make good use of Corning gorilla glass on some of their top-notch phones. Corning gorilla glass is known as durable, hard tempered and high transmittance looks. What I am about to introduce to you today is the first ever Corning gorilla glass brought you by Benks.
Because bothiPhone 11 and Benks screen protector are made of Corning gorilla glass, I’ll make a comparison between these two products. The most obvious impression they give to me is that these two products have nearly the same neat feelings from the reflection, quality and even the touch feelings. There is a huge difference from what you would normally get on the street.

Choice 2 :Anti-peep screen protector

Let’s be honest, we all might have something to hide on our phones. For those who value their privacy, anti-peep screen protector is a good choice for them. While you read through an anti-peep screen protector just like you would with any other screen that faces you, the others on your sides cannot possible see what is on your screen, therefor your secrets on the phone are safe even in public.

This is one of our trending products, as people begin to value their personal information more and more these days. Based on the angle when the contents on your screen turns invisible (28,30,35,45 degree), screen protector with lower anti-peep angle provides more blind zone around the phone, in other words, better security. Benks anti-peep screen has an anti-peep angle of 28 degree with high transmittance, which provide the least effect on the brightness and color fidelity of the screen while provide the largest anti-peep range. These screen protectors are also dust-proof, providing the excellent protection for the ear speaker.

Choice 3: Anti-glare screen protector

While most anti-glare screen protectors on the market are blue light filter that appear to be purple. Benks anti-glare screen protector, certified by TUV Rhine, are green filter that works in any lighting condition all day. You will find this type of screen protector most useful at night times, that is when reading on your phone is not that painful at nights at anymore.

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