What kind of screen protector you should get for your iPhone 12?

Having a hard time deciding what kind of screen protector you should get for your iPhone 12? Well, we are here to help!

When people receive the brand new iPhones out of cases, they are fascinated by how the vivid screens look. Then, an idea starts to come in people’s minds, what kind of screen protector should I get for this beautiful device? With the screen protector on the phone, it gives people a reassuring feeling that knowing their phones are protected.

Now, when people search up “screen protector” online, they will most likely be overwhelmed the choices they have, there are just so many brands out there. How do we pick a screen protector that being smooth, thin while providing a decent protection? Many of you probably heard of Corning gorilla glass if you follow the tech news. iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi all make good use of Corning gorilla glass on some of their top-notch phones. Corning gorilla glass is known as durable, hard tempered and high transmittance looks.

What I am about to introduce to you today is the first ever Corning gorilla glass brought you by Benks. Because both iPhone 11 and Benks screen protector are made of Corning gorilla glass, I’ll make a comparison between these two products. The most obvious impression they give to me is that these two products have nearly the same neat feelings from the reflection, quality and even the touch feelings. There is a huge difference from what you would normally get on the street. Benks screen protector uses a design that covers up your whole phone, which is the most common design for full-view display phones on the market. 

What is unique about Benks product is that they tempered the glass with curved edges, which makes the screen protector really fits on your phone. From the visual aspect, I would say it’s pretty awesome. The light goes in and out of the screen protector as if there was not another layer of glass on the screen. It feels incredibly smooth when you swipe on the phone and barely leaves any fingerprints, so the oleophobic layer has done a great job on keeping the grease away. The overall experience is quietly satisfying.

Both the screen protector and the glass on the back of iPhone are made of the same Corning gorilla glass material, and with the magical fit-in on the phone, it really seems to me like there was no screen protector at all because they blend in so well together. I would highly recommend Benks screen protector.

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